If you are looking for best body piercing services in Langley than you are on the right page.

Our first step in body piercing services includes extensive discussion and consultation on the type of body piercing you are looking at and we make sure that you get well acknowledged of the piercing you are going to have and most importantly its aftercare. The result of body piercing highly depends upon the aftercare.
We truly feel honored when someone places their trust upon piercing their body with us and we do strive on providing 100% client satisfaction.

We provide all sorts of body piercing services. However following are few of the most commonly used body piercings in Langley.

Ear Piercing

Ear piercing exists as long as we go in the past. Ear Piercing has been in our culture and fashion for centuries. Young girls wait desperately to become mature enough to have their ear pierced and they can try out beautiful jewelry they have ever admired. It is estimated that more than 80% of females in Langley and Surrey have their ear pierced. We also perform lobe stretching at Yogi’s Piercing Studio.

Oral Piercing

The oral piercing was introduced in the late 70s and since then have been a symbol of fashion and style. Tongue piercing is the most common type amongst oral piercing services in Langley. Tongue piercing is considered to be least painful piercing services. It is just little uncomfortable for the first couple of weeks but after proper care and consultation, you are good to go.

Body Piercing

Your body is your property and you have the right to do with it as you feel fit. Your entire body can have some holes and you can make it attractive by adding jewelry which you like. We do all sorts of body piercing in Langley. Either it is your ear brow or your naval we can do it right with latest sterilized equipment and under the Proper consultation of our expert.

Micro dermal Removal

Microdermal piercing becomes difficult to remove. It can occur anywhere on your body, Either it is the stomach, chest, face or limbs. It can occur due to several reasons – as in any allergic reaction or you may wish to remove it by will as if due to esthetic reasons, X-Ray, surgery or any other reason. Please do not try to remove it yourself. We specialize in microdermal removal at Yogi’s Piercing Studio.

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